BetterCommerce StoreFront Development Guide

This document covers the functionality offered in BetterCommerce’s Next.JS based StoreFront, which is an all-in-one starter kit for highly performant ecommerce web stores for mid to large enterprise.

Although, this documentation refers to Next.js based in context of implementation of APIs, however the document provides guidance on overall API integration and can be used in conjunction with Postman collection for Mobile App development as well.



Learn how to authenticate your API requests.

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Understand performance optimization approach implemented.

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Read about the different SEO aspects covered in the implementation.

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Visual Design Guide

Learn about the design system and how to use it to build pages and components.

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Use Cases

Home page

Learn how to empower your home page using the headless CMS.

My Account

Learn how My Account section delivers self-service capability for the end-users.

Product Detail

Learn how to build most engaging & rich product detail pages and use them as landing pages.


Learn how to customize the checkout journey to make it easier for your end-users.