Order Confirmation

The order confirmation page is the page where you can see the details of your completed online purchase on our website. The order confirmation page has the following sections and features:

  • Order Confirmation Message:
  • Order Number and Details:
  • Shipping and Billing Information:
  • Estimated Delivery Date:
  • Contact Information for Customer Support:
  • Links to Share or Print the Order Confirmation:
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Order confirmation message

The order confirmation message feature shows you a message that says "IT'S ON THE WAY!" at the top of the page, indicating that your order has been confirmed and is being processed.

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Order number and details

The order number and details feature shows you the order number and the details of the items that you have purchased, such as their images, names, sizes, quantities, and prices. You can use the order number to track your order status and delivery progress.

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Shipping and billing information

The shipping and billing information feature shows you the shipping and billing information that you have entered during the checkout process, such as your name, address, phone number, and email.

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Estimated delivery date

The estimated delivery date feature shows you the estimated delivery date of your order, based on the shipping option and fee that you have selected during the checkout process, such as standard, express, or free shipping.

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Contact information for customer support

The contact information for customer support feature shows you the contact information for customer support, such as the phone number, email address, and website link. You can use this information to contact customer support if you have any questions, issues, or feedback regarding your order or our website.

The links to share or print the order confirmation feature shows you the links to share or print the order confirmation for your reference. You can click on the icons to share the order confirmation via email, Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp. You can also click on the print icon to print the order confirmation as a PDF file.