The platform provides integrated Elastic Search out of the box. The search works on the main fields (name/ title, description, product code, price, brand, category) and the custom attributes if they are configured to be searchable. Some of the search capabilities:

  1. Typeahead search: you can display the results as the users are typing the search keywords
  2. Enter search box: if the user types and then clicks enter in the search box, the user is automatically redirected to the full search result page
  3. Fuzzy Logic: The search API is in-built with fuzzy logic search, so if user types Lacste instead of Lacoste, the system will still bring the results for Lacoste. The tolerance for mis-typed character by default is 1 character which is typically a good practice and anything beyond that starts to produce some unpredictable results.
  4. Curated Search / Searchandising
  5. Keyword Redirection
  6. Synonym Dictionary

The typeahead search is for the global search box across the website. This returns a very basic data set as a response which to optimize the speed for the search result.

Developers - API Operations:

Search Free text keyword/api/v2/catalog/search/{{freeText}}List of products in the search result

Keyword Redirection

The user should be redirected to the specific landing page (URL) if they search for specific keyword, and press enter in the search box. This helps the business setup landing pages for specific search keywords and promote the business related KPIs. Reference Article: Keyword Redirection

Developers - API Operations:

Keyword Redirection/api/v2/catalog/search/keyword-redirectionsKeyword and the URL to redirect to. The user behavior is entirely upto the developer how they want to build it.

Standard Search Result

The Product Listing Page (PLP) page shows the search results based and the user can then also filter the products based on different facets.

Developers - API Operations:

Advanced Search/api/v2/catalog/search/advancedReturns product model (with variants, related products, free products) object of the product in search result with facets / filters.
Advanced Search - Minimal/api/v2/catalog/search/advanced/minimalReturns minimal product model (without variants, related products, free products) object of the product in search result with facets / filters.

How to apply additional search filters or facets

Populate filters array in the request model with the field key & value pair, example below. Pass brand Name, category name or any other attribute / field along with the selected value.

Sample Custom Attributes

    "filters": [
        "key": "brand",
        "value": "Accesorize"
        "key": "classification.category",
        "value": "Aftershave",