Home Page

The storefront home page is dynamically rendered with content that is driven by a headless content management system (CMS). The CMS facilitates drafting, publishing & scheduling pages (with content versioning) contained inside folders & sub-folders.

The system also allows the storefront to create channel specific content on the page. A channel can be Web, Mobile Web, Mobile App and Store.

This provides the flexibility of creating a number of customized page views/layouts using the same data coming from CMS. Each page created on CMS contains metadata like page slug, page id, etc. The content on the home page is rendered based on page slug and/or page id.

The content is fetched on the home page with the following API operation:

Fetch content based on page id and/or slug/api/v2/pageDetails of data created for storefront home page on CMS.

For Rendering the home page content on web, the storefront page calls above mentioned API endpoint multiple times with "channel=Web" or "channel=MobileWeb" or "channel=MobileApp". The relevant content is then displayed based on the browser agent.

The page content is cached on the server-side and after content edits it needs to be cleared so that the newer version of the content is reflected on the front-end.

The content cache is cleared with the following API operation:

Clear Content Cache/api/v1/page/cache/clearClears content cache on the server-side to reflect newer changes on the front-end.