Content Pages

The storefront facilitates to render pages with dynamic content that is driven by a headless content management system (CMS). Such pages are called content page. The CMS facilitates drafting, publishing & scheduling content pages along with content versioning.

The content is fetched on the content page with the following API operation:

Fetch content based on page id and/or slug/api/v2/pageDetails of data created for storefront content page on CMS.

For Rendering the page content on web, the storefront page calls above mentioned API endpoint multiple times with "channel=Web" or "channel=MobileWeb" or "channel=MobileApp". The relevant content is then displayed based on the browser agent.

The page content is cached on the server-side and after content edits it needs to be cleared so that the newer version of the content is reflected on the front-end.

The content cache is cleared with the following API operation:

Clear Content Cache/api/v1/page/cache/clearClears content cache on the server-side to reflect newer changes on the front-end.